Project Advisory Team

Mary Sexton



Feasibility Study Consultant

SE Group has over 60 years’ experience working with ski areas and mountain resorts throughout the country. SE Group understands the business of skiing, and brings broad experience in helping ski areas realize opportunities for sustainable operations, while maintaining the qualities and character of the area that are important to the community.

Project Administrator

A key part of the MCDC mission is cooperative education. MCDC staff members and cooperative development specialists share their in-depth knowledge base of cooperatives to equip individuals with the skills needed to operate and manage cooperatives.

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Advisory Team Members

Rosanne Balasabas, Choteau

Terry Barch, Choteau

Brock Bouma, Choteau

Bryn Cunningham, Choteau

Megan Lee, Choteau

Kraig Lang, Choteau

Jim Bjelland, Conrad

Jade Goroski, Shelby